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Paralyzed dog, Bookie, waiting for his new doggie wheelchair

Bookie is one of those dogs you’ll always remember. Not because of his disability but instead for his happy and high-spirited personality. Bookie, a beagle mix, survived being hit by a car that paralyzed his back legs, but that did not slow him down nor damper his spirits. Bookie moves with determination. He is quick and scoots by dragging his back legs. Because he stays so active, he has a few sores on his back legs but otherwise, he is healthy. He meets and greets everyone around him with great enthusiasm and like the old cliche goes – he has never met a stranger.

VIDEO: Donations Help Paralyzed Dog Get New Doggie Wheelchair.

Making New Friends

In an unfortunate circumstance, Bookie found some new friends – the folks at LifeLine Animal Project who run and operate the Dekalb County Animal Services. He met LifeLine back in December when Bookie’s owners were evicted from their home and he ended up taking temporary refuge at Dekalb County Animal Services.  In no time at all, he won over the hearts of the staff and volunteers. Within a couple of weeks, he was reunited with his owners. By then, Bookie had made quite an impact on the staff and they all decided to come together and hold a fundraiser for a doggie wheelchair.

Paralyzed Dog Gets Wheelchair For The First Time

Wagbrag was on the scene at DeKalb County Animal Services and took this video of Bookie when he and his owners arrived to receive the doggie wheelchair. For many dogs, it would be stressful to be harnessed for the first time in a contraption like a wheelchair.  But not for Bookie. As you can see in the video he is trusting and relaxed.  He stood there patiently as the LifeLine staff fitted and strapped him to the wheelchair. I think he could sense that he was being helped and he definitely liked being the center of attention.

Once strapped in, Bookie zips around comfortably. He goes back and forth through the room, saying hi and showing off his new wheels. In addition to the doggie wheelchair, LifeLine also gave Bookie’s owners a basket full of dog supplies including treats and toys.