Dog’s Snuggle Up With Foster Kittens

Apparently, everyone in this household has a role with helping to care for these new foster kittens. The two big Dalmatians featured in the video below, share their bed with some outrageously cute kittens. In a world that sometimes seems so divided, we need signs of calmness, compassion and friendship. If you need a smile – this video of two dogs with foster kittens is sure to do the trick.

Dalmatians Are Professionals With Raising Foster Kittens

This is not the first kitten experience for these kind hearted dogs. The two dalmatians are named Louie and Lady. In fact, as noted on one of their Rumble Video pages, they “are professionals when it comes to raising and nurturing foster kittens”. Hats off to Lady and Louie for fostering so many kittens in need!

dogs with foster kittens, cute kitten video

Open Your Home Up To Foster Animals

Other than volunteering your time or donating crucial funds through the Animals First mobile app, you could become a foster home for animals in need.  Rescue organization need help – unfortunately there are just too many homeless animals in shelters. By fostering, you increase the odds of that pet finding a new home. You will get to know the dog or cat’s personality extremely well and can help determine what home they will fit best in. Many unwanted pets do not understand how to behave properly in a home. So you may also help teach them basic obedience and social skills. A pet that knows how to be well behaved is more likely to be adopted.  Ultimately, you help save an animal’s life by being a foster home.