About Us

We set our minds to building a mobile & online donation platform for those who want to do one thing – help homeless animals and the organizations dedicated to rescuing and caring for them. We’re just a few people who are passionate about technology and helping animals. So we went out in our community and collaborated with animal rescue organizations.  We came up with a unique giving concept. Whether you are in a rush or have no cash – no problem. Giving to animals has never been this easy.  We hope you will discover how good it feels to give through Animals First.

Meet Our Team Members

Gerald Owens
Gerald OwensCEO & Co-Founder
Multifaceted and resourceful, Gerald wears the hats of CEO, CTO and COO. His mission is to create a technology company focused on products and services that improve the lives of companion animals. Gerald has an entrepreneurial spirit and a proven track record in creating successful start-ups. At Animals First, he has developed a company culture around team building, helping each member realize and exploit their strengths to their full potential.
Russ Boles
Russ BolesBus Dev / Marketing & Co-Founder
For almost two decades Russ has been involved with animal rescue. He has witnessed first hand how rescue organizations rely on individual donations. Seeing that non-profits have limited resources – he realized how this severely impacts the number of animals they can help. Based on that knowledge, he came up with the initial Animals First Giving app idea. He is now excited to see his mobile donation app concept come to life.
Kirill Yurchenko
Kirill YurchenkoBusiness Development Manager
While constantly guiding us on how to best position Animals First in the market place, Kirill seeks out ways so we continue to be a viable and sustainable company. He has a keen sense for identifying potential business opportunities and a maniacal focus on company growth. Kirill’s down-to-earth personality keeps the team’s overall mood upbeat and relaxed.
Lauren Boles
Lauren BolesMarketing & CSO (Chief Spelling Officer)
As one of our most versatile team members, Lauren’s experience and knowledge bleeds over into almost every aspect of our business. From business operations to marketing, she has the capabilities and the know-how to get things done quickly and effectively. Her mind is like a Think Tank – full of fun and creative ideas. Lucky for us, Lauren’s content editing skills are superb.

Fabian Castillo
Fabian CastilloArchitect & Technical Lead
Enough can’t be said about Fabian and his overall contribution to launching Animals First. With superior project management skills, he keeps our team focused and on-point. His cool and collective demeanor keeps the team balanced during pressured situations and with meeting deadlines. But one of his most valued traits is his ability to Q&A projects from a user’s perspective. In the development world – he is a rare find!
Rio Pet Representatives
Frankly, all of our pets are considered representatives of the company. But they also represent what we wish for all animals – we wish for all companion animals to have loving and caring homes. You can’t help but smile when you see Rio’s excitement at the start of each new day and his pure enjoyment of life. Share it!